Pounding Drums: The Best 7 Electronic Drum Kits Under 1000 USD.

Myriads of Piano and Guitar enthusiasts embraced the technology that leads their music to a new direction; it’s now time for drummers to recognize that they possess the same potential. Electronic Drum Kits a new innovation in the drummers’ world, adding versatility to any studio as well as live drummer’s arsenal. There are some plus points, which illuminate the advantages of being an Electronic Drum Kit owner, such as the Sonic Versatility, Portability, Freedom-to-practice, Live recording flexibility and Live Gig Convenience. After reading this, your neighbors will be the one buying you an Electronic Drum Kit. Apart from excellent portability, Electronic Drum Kits are available for pocket-friendly prices. Following are the best 7 electronic drum kits under 1000 USD that remained on top when comparing their counterparts in the market, these should be ideal for the drummers that hesitate to big commitments when it comes to buying expensive instruments.
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set:

Pro: Excellent portability and 10 Factory Presets.
Con: Cannot add extra Cymbals and Toms.
Entry-Level Kit: This wouldn’t be an ideal high-end professional kit but it’s great for someone who recently got into drumming. This is the best Electronic Drum Kit in its price range, with amazing portability, whether you’re playing in your apartment or in a car nothing beats XD8USB Electronic Drum kit in portability, you can fold your kit and put it in your closet after a drumming session. There are three models, this particular model comes with HDS110USB sound module and 10 factory presets, not to mention this 8-piece electronic drum kit features the compatibility to connect with drum software and virtual instruments in order to experience drumming to its fullest.

Purchase: 329 USD 

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set:

Pro: Sturdy nothing rattles and Dual zone snare.

Con: Unavailability of firmware update, problem with snare drum triggering properly.

Realistic sounds: DM6 is ideal for price-conscious customers, with perfect price range it also originates much realistic sound than any other electronic drum kit comparing its price. Every electric drum under 500 USD is basically a toy, but Alesis DM6 turns out to be an aberration. Alesis DM6 features USB-MIDI output that lets the drummers connect with virtual instruments and the drumming software installed on your machine, this is an ideal gift for someone who recently started drumming, and a novice user will have plenty of things to get the knack of it. You can connect your MP3 device and start drumming to your favorite songs, not to mention it has sturdy more realistic drumming sound, with DM6 modules containing 108 top-notch drums, hi hit pad & hi-hat controller, making it ideal in its price range.

Purchase: 349 USD

Alesis DM7X Session Kit Five-Piece Ultra-Compact Electronic Drum Set:

Pro: 385 sounds & 40 kits.

Con: Hi-Hat pedal not triggering properly.

High-end level Technology: With such candor reviews from the success of Alesis DM6, this new innovation Alesis DM7X takes drumming to another level, it is certainly a high-end professional kit, shouldn’t be classified as a toy. With the new Alesis DM7X, it outclassed any prior model, there is a lot of improvement in Stealth kick II Trigger and X Kick Pedal. DM7X is redesigned entirely, with constant upgrades of firmware that improves the productivity and quality of the instrument. Not to mention the USB and Virtual machine connectivity feature, and additional ports for Cymbal and Tom.

Purchase: 507 USD

Yamaha DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set:

Pro: Latest DTX400 Drum trigger module.  

Con: Snare drum slightly moves regardless of efforts to ratchet down the nut.

Not-a-toy: This might be the cheapest innovation of Yamaha electronic drum kits. Yamaha DTX400k is compatible of dynamic acoustic drums as well the excellent percussion sounds, the ideal instrument for someone in a rock band. DTX400K opens the doors to the professional electronic drumming. The kit comes with a throne (chair) and one pair of drumsticks, and it has ten professional drums kits in a single compact electronic drum kit, making it ideal for portability. It has large 10-inch rides as well as the crash cymbals with full excellent quality stereo headphones.

Purchase: 519 USD

DDrum HYBRID6BLKRED Electronic Drum Set Natural:

Pro: Much real-design with amazing UI.

Con: Not portable friendly.

Real-Drumming experience: This is the only electronic drum kit that is amazing for its raw design and increased sensitivity for accurate responses, with a rugged metal body that gives a hardcore vibe to it. The style is based on the drumming sets of Annie Paul and Andy Selway. Hybrid6BLKRED features a dynamic range and easily replaceable transducers.

Purchase: 799 USD

KAT Percussion JF-KT2-KIT-02 Digital Drum Set:

Pro: More than 480 studio-grade drum, percussion sounds and cymbal.

Con: Problem with updating firmware.

Bringing top-notch quality: Kat Percussion JF-KT2-KIT-02 is ideal for live gigs, mainly because of its portability and accuracy of strumming drum pads that is the main ingredient of rock music, it comes with 15 user programmable drum kits and KT2 USB module which enable the drum kit to attach with the virtual instrument or drumming software installed on your operating system. Also, it is comparatively less priced as compared to its counterparts in the market, with excellent precision and quality of time, anyone who is already familiar with electronic drumming should get this model because of its quality to work with precision. 

Purchase: 899 USD

Yamaha DTX522K 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set:

Pro: DTX502 drum module and unrivaled sound and response.

Con: Snare drum moves away. 

Professional Drumming: Yamaha DTX522K is an ideal electronic drumming set for professional players, this is certainly not a toy drum that you could buy off of 300 bucks, DTX522K delivers excellent quality sound plus beautiful style, it is so compatible you could pack it in your car and move to different location for a live gig, this version is compatible with DTX522 drumming module (Hence the name) and It has precise monitoring performances and comes with Samson's SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones

Purchase: 999 USD


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