Free SEO Plugins Benefits and a Guide to Earn Money from Your WordPress Blog.

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You finally made a successful WordPress blog that generates a good share of traffic. Now, you’re looking for a way to make some money out of it. Well, you came to the right place then. WordPress is one of most lucrative methods to earn some hard cash by working online, it doesn’t require an extensive amount of knowledge to understand how WordPress works. When you create a WordPress blog, whether free or paid, you automatically agree with the WordPress’s terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are different for paid and free users, and violating these terms & conditions could result in suspension of your blog, but in paid WordPress blog it can be retrieved back by contacting the service providers but in the case of free blog—Not a chance. 
If you are looking for a way to start your business on WordPress blog then free blog won’t be a good choice, even if you fill it up with good content and engage over thousands of people monthly, but there is always a chance, someone will report your blog in order to reduce the competition for their business. Therefore, paid WordPress would be an ideal choice for anyone. But in case, you cannot afford a WordPress blog and still want to start making some cash from your blog then you should continue reading.
Earn Money From Affiliated Ads On Free & Paid WordPress Blogs:
The only way to earn some cash on your free WordPress blog is to place Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliated ads on your blog, this is the only method that doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of free WordPress blogging, this method also works for paid WordPress blogs as well. Google AdSense is a trusted advertisement service and helps earn money to thousands of website owners.
How does Google AdSense Works? Well, basically when enabling AdSense service on your blog, it provides a certain code, you can insert that code on your blog, and it will generate ads. Don’t worry these are not malicious pop-ups and the advertisement won’t contain any pornographic material.
How much can you earn from AdSense? Well, Google AdSense does not have a specific price for each click it based on the location of the viewer and your page's CTR, AdSense pays more for people clicking on your ads from Canada, America and Europe, the price is significantly larger than people viewing your blog from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.
Can you earn 100,000 USD a year from AdSense? It is certainly possible, let’s suppose your CTR (Click through Rate) is 0.25$ that means your daily net worth should be 274 USD, so, 100,000/0.25 = 400,000 clicks per year, which rounds up to approximately 1K clicks a day. 
In the case of Amazon Affiliated Ads, well, you can use ads of different products on your website, so, basically, whenever someone buys a product from Amazon after clicking the ad on your website, you will earn a commission of certain percentage of the product’s price.

Benefits of Using SEO Plugins on Your WordPress Blog:
Well, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in analyzing and editing content on your WordPress blog, it is a great way to generate keywords rich content in order to place higher ranking on well-known search engines. WordPress offers free SEO plugins for blogs, so, if you’re running a small business with a diminutive budget you should definitely start using SEO Plugins. Without further a due, let’s look at some of the key benefactors of using SEO Plugin:
Upsurge Visibility amidst Targeted Viewers: Search Engine Optimization is a process mainly focused upon interacting core groups of your certain target markets by providing information precisely personalized to their requirements.
Flexibility: With Search Engine Optimization plugin, it is possible to modify a number of targeted groups in order to reach varied audiences as organizational requirements advance.
Associate with Motivated Prospects: Search Engine Optimization is actually one of the few promotion strategies where your groups of targeted clients are actively interacted in the course of seeking info about businesses similar to yours.
Increased Company Recognition: By posting content which is relevant and easily reachable to your audience, your company’s identity improves associated with your goal and core competencies through publicity.
Goal-driven: Regardless of what your business’s end goal might be, by using Search Engine Optimization plugins, the whole process is actually built around accomplishing your company’s outreach goals.

After Thoughts:
Earning from a WordPress blog is not rocket science, you just need to know which right services to use and which services to avoid. In addition, you will need to know how SEO works, that way you can deliver more keyword rich content on your WordPress blog that will lead you to more public exposure, hence, more money. 

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