The Book of my life

Void of bliss is the atlas of my life,
Anecdote of my paraxysm, insinuated be knife.

Every page is the manifestation of malady,
Clandestine and secluded, scrutinized by nobody.

Every word inflicting apologue of wretched moments,
Abandoned were they, barring eclipse had no friends.

Every sentence elucidating an untrodden notion,
Intricating the denunciation, ordeal and vexation.

Never found someone so staunch and tenacious,
Who would unimpede the book and sojourn veracious.

by Hifza Ch


Sekki said...

Brilliant piece of literature. Keep rocking partnerđź–’

Ayesha Zia said...

I'm shook. You're amazing

Chuck Croll said...

Here's a test comment. See:!category-topic/blogger/SBWyLXPyZuA

ravenhairedmaverick said...

This is really good!!