Third-World Problems

Okay real talk - third world. That's kind of a birth disadvantage to be born in one. Now sorry, I know you love your country and culture and these ranks are just sometimes very bullshitty. I know that. But, these ranks really do kind of effect you in a way that could make you pull your hair out.
Guide for dummies born yesterday: So this world is divided into three categories. We have the third category - that is somewhat an average labour class from a distant point of view. Then we have the second category - the working class. And then we have the first category - the elite class. Now, this explanation is a mere "expression."

So, you happened to be a third world citizen. What now? Well at first, you won't give a fuck. But then you grow up and realize the first world is constantly looking down on you. You swallow that up. Then you realize your education system has been far mediocre. You swallow that up too. Then you realize you are not receiving proper rights that are made mandatory in the first worlds. Then you realize you have to get a visa to get to countries that exempt them for most of the other first world countries. Then you realize you have high chances of not even getting a visa since you belong to a third world country. Then you realize your world is in shambles from political to economic level. Your market is saturated. Your assets are insufficient. Everything is a nightmare!

I think this holds true for most us. Third world is never easy to live in. And the problems this world has to deal with are the real problems. But all things aside, it never means that being a citizen of either gives you a higher or lower place on the podium. No, it really doesn't. No one really meets the brighter edge just because they had a natural advantage over something. In fact, fighting for things others get naturally, just keeps things interesting and worth enough to fight for. Yeah! they get the head start but you know the struggle. And yes, It's a pain in the ass, coping up with the problems that only get thrown at you because of your location but hey cheer up, you might have the best taste in food. Now, that's something to look up to. So the next time some company says they can't operate in your country tell them whatever - I have the best traditional foods, you freshies will never know about!

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