BLOGSPOT OR WORDPRESS? Is Blogspot stepping up its game with new themes update?

Blogspot/blogger and Wordpress are like twilight and vampire diaries, only better. You'd see many bloggers asking which one to choose, odds usually end up in the favor of wordpress - but for one reason only. Well actually two -- Wordpress has bigger and brighter prospects for page themes and well they allow you to buy your domain but I would recommend not to. It's more expensive than standard web hosting sites. Go to InterServer or ipage instead. 

Anyways, I am one those people who absolutely hate blogger template choices - all of them! And just when I started thinking of going through the hectic process of building myself a new, better looking site. VOILA! NEW THEMES - BLOGGER INTRODUCES NEW THEMES. And mind you, these themes only get better. 

Well, there it goes - I shut down my site builder account and come back to the good old blogger. These templates are more on the curvy sides of the things. They don't give you the old-school vibes like the old ones. And more, they have more customizing options than the previous themes. So now you can make your blog look more like a website than...ah well a blog. But there is a catch.
Apparently the gadgets - some gadgets - won't work on it. Blogger has the habit of restricting its users but either way, I won't whine. 

Why I think this would help blogger fight the wordpress dilemma? because, blogger already has a lead in "handling things." Wordpress tends to get very difficult to handle, since it is more of a professional site builder and I would rather leave that business to professionals than do it myself. Blogger on the other hand breaks down things and if you are a beginner trying out your luck in blogging - there is no better site. It's easier to use and with the new update it is even more better-looking to use.

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New Addition: This post tends to intrigue many beginners, if you are one of them -- drop me a message, I will get back to you with an answer or a suggestion. Until then, keep kicking, folks!


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