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Pounding Drums: The Best 7 Electronic Drum Kits Under 1000 USD.

Myriads of Piano and Guitar enthusiasts embraced the technology that leads their music to a new direction; it’s now time for drummers to recognize that they possess the same potential. Electronic Drum Kits a new innovation in the drummers’ world, adding versatility to any studio as well as live drummer’s arsenal. There are some plus points, which illuminate the advantages of being an Electronic Drum Kit owner, such as the Sonic Versatility, Portability, Freedom-to-practice, Live recording flexibility and Live Gig Convenience. After reading this, your neighbors will be the one buying you an Electronic Drum Kit. Apart from excellent portability, Electronic Drum Kits are available for pocket-friendly prices. Following are the best 7 electronic drum kits under 1000 USD that remained on top when comparing their counterparts in the market, these should be ideal for the drummers that hesitate to big commitments when it comes to buying expensive instruments.
Behringer XD8USB Electronic Drum Set:

Free SEO Plugins Benefits and a Guide to Earn Money from Your WordPress Blog.

You finally made a successful WordPress blog that generates a good share of traffic. Now, you’re looking for a way to make some money out of it. Well, you came to the right place then. WordPress is one of most lucrative methods to earn some hard cash by working online, it doesn’t require an extensive amount of knowledge to understand how WordPress works. When you create a WordPress blog, whether free or paid, you automatically agree with the WordPress’s terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are different for paid and free users, and violating these terms & conditions could result in suspension of your blog, but in paid WordPress blog it can be retrieved back by contacting the service providers but in the case of free blog—Not a chance. 
If you are looking for a way to start your business on WordPress blog then free blog won’t be a good choice, even if you fill it up with good content and engage over thousands of people monthly, but there is always a chance, someone will report your blog in order to reduce the competition for their business. Therefore, paid WordPress would be an ideal choice for anyone. But in case, you cannot afford a WordPress blog and still want to start making some cash from your blog then you should continue reading.

A Piece of Me

When growing up, a teacher—Miss Dorothy asked me to keep a journal with me. This tome lies flat on my desk, bent corners and monochrome composition of the binding is slowly fading, as everyone I know. When looked inside—filled with undaunted words, some left in half, some in full. A release from a stressful day, I could write about whatever I chose, flipping thin pages of this rusty book, I could see my futile attempts to assassinate a fancy prose, I would try so hard on a sunny day resting on my squeaking wooden chair.

Long Exposure Photographs

Long exposure photographs are art. Legit art. So producing those does take quite a lot of skills but fear not! It's more fun-ish than hellish. Buut before that you might want to check out the article on basics here (Beginner Alert).

Starting form — Things you need to take a long exposure photograph. You need a stand. Preferably a tripod or some other rigid surface that does not move and keeps you camera safe all the same time. Don't even bother with the stack of objects. That shit is dangerous. Now you need this because you will be working with a very long shutter speed. You can't shoot those with bare hands because your hand movement, even the slightest one, will ruin the photo. It does. Try it. You are not made of stone, it's true. Second, you need patience. Yes that is right. Now a long exposure photographs are taken of objects that are moving. That needs a particular scene fit for a long exposure and above all that needs the light conditions that compliment your settings. For all these things you need patience. Go to the scene where you see just enough motion to create something dramatic out of it. Once you hunt that down, you are partly ready.

Next thing — Settings. These settings depend on the time you are going to shoot something. Is it night or is it the day?

It's a great thing if its night because your gear would be enough for you. Now you need to know how much light your gear is going to get exposed to. The night time (less light) compliments the long exposure photographs. You see a shutter speed of a more than a 1 second is A LOT of light. So, it loves nights. Now when you analyse the condition (take a few test shots to find out yourself), you need to adjust the settings.

These are the settings you need;

 • A Long Shutter Speed
Of course. Long shutter speed or what's the point? You might want to increase it based on the speed of the object you are shooting. If it's a car, a 1 second S.S will do. If it's humans walking, you might want to increase it to a 3 seconds, because the motion will be slow.

 • More Depth
Yes, you need depth in your photo. Bokeh is not for a long exposure and guess what? that goes just right with a longer shutter speed as well. You decrease the lens aperture (f/22 or more), less light gets captured and for a longer period of time (long shutter speed) and voila! a masterpiece in making.

• A Filter (Optional: For Daylight only)
Try shooting a long exposure during the daytime. Hint: You'll get a white image. Yes, of course you will. Daylight does not go well with long exposure because there is practically WAY TOO MUCH light. Increasing aperture won't work here either. So why do you still see stunning long exposure shots at daytime? One word: Filters. Yes, lens do have filters. You buy them separately but they are there and for a good reason too.

There are many filters in market. Many. The one you need for Long exposure in the daylights is an ND Filter (Neutral Density Filter). There are several types of ND filter too like a graduated or split ND filter. You can use either, read some reviews before buying. These are used to compensate with light, of course, so you won't get a white photo now, shooting some stream or cloud movement or anything during the daytime. It's a good investment nonetheless, if you are into that sort of thing. 

That is all folks, for now.

The Book of my life

Void of bliss is the atlas of my life,
Anecdote of my paraxysm, insinuated be knife.

Every page is the manifestation of malady,
Clandestine and secluded, scrutinized by nobody.

Untold story

Quiet they say "Shhh", let nobody hear you, 
I am breathing and zoetic, my mouth not to be sew.

I want to screech and squeal, can't keep it restricted. 
Wail until each and every part of my agonizing allegory is uttered.

Cracked Soul

Heart immersing in the pit if ooze, 
For now, I don't have anything left to lose. 

 Soul astray, vagabond and blotched, 
Crevice appeared where it had been notched.

3 cruicial lessons every photography beginner needs

I've been exploring the world of photography since three years and to tell you the truth - there is no more beautiful thing than capturing any object of attraction with absolute perfection. Photography is magical...buutt it takes several trial and error to master the art. It's always good to consult someone who has an exposure in this field as a head start -- it helps you avoid mistakes you wish you had.

LESSON NO#1 - Always Shoot RAW
This is exclusively for the lot that is going to take photography very seriously and is not going to restrict it's value to better facebook displays - for the later lot, I would recommend JPEG.

So what exactly is RAW and JPEG?
You see, our photographs have a certain file type aka format. A DSLR allows you to take your photo in either RAW or JPEG(high or low) or JPEG+RAW (basically two files, simultaneously). 

BLOGSPOT OR WORDPRESS? Is Blogspot stepping up its game with new themes update?

Blogspot and Wordpress are like twilight and vampire diaries, only better. You'd see many bloggers asking which one to choose, odds usually end up in the favor of wordpress - but for one reason only. Well actually two -- Wordpress has bigger and brighter prospects for page themes and well they allow you to buy your domain but I would recommend not to. It's more expensive than standard web hosting sites. Go to InterServer or ipage instead. 

Anyways, I am one those people who absolutely hate blogger template choices - all of them! And just when I started thinking of going through the hectic process of building myself a new, better looking site. VOILA! NEW THEMES - BLOGGER INTRODUCES NEW THEMES. And mind you, these themes only get better. 

Third-World Problems

Okay real talk - third world. That's kind of a birth disadvantage to be born in one. Now sorry, I know you love your country and culture and these ranks are just sometimes very bullshitty. I know that. But, these ranks really do kind of effect you in a way that could make you pull your hair out.
Guide for dummies born yesterday: So this world is divided into three categories. We have the third category - that is somewhat an average labour class from a distant point of view. Then we have the second category - the working class. And then we have the first category - the elite class. Now, this explanation is a mere "expression."